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Ohana Yoga is a new yoga studio and the first yoga studio to open in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Here at Ohana Yoga you are not just another face in the crowd. We strive to create a safe and inclusive environment that supports you on your journey to finding overall wellness in mind, body, and spirit. Whether you are seeking to find peace in meditative postures, strengthen your muscles, or sweat it out, every class that we offer seeks to bring you closer to finding overall peace.

Relax+Unwind: Yin

Relax+Unwind: Restorative

Relax+Unwind: Gentle

Ageless Yoga: Chair Yoga

Beginner’s Yoga

All Energize Classes

Energize: Move+Breathe (medium tempo+unheated)

Energize: Fast+Strong (fast+unheated)

Hot Energize (fast+heated)

Relax+Chill: Meditation

Relax+Chill: Meditate + Breathe

Relax+Chill: Yin

Relax+Chill: Restorative

When: Friday November 10th at 6pm

Join Rebecca for an hour of Yoga Flow as you move and breathe along to the latest rap music with heavy bass, hypnotic rhythmic beats, and get out of your mind and into your body.

Class included with membership. Drop-in is $19 per person. Register here.

When: Friday November 17th at 6pm

Fun for the whole family! Bring your kid ages 10-17yo for a fun family flow.

This class is included in adult membership. $19 for a drop-in. One kid age 10-17yo get in free with one adult.

Please bring canned food in lieu of paying for child as we collect for Feed Berkeley of Moncks Corner!

Register here.

About the Owner

Owner Alex Bogart found yoga during a time where her stress was at an all time high. The practice of yoga became central to her life helping her to find peace, strength, courage, and her true self. It transformed the way she viewed the world, interacted with others, and she knew that she wanted to bring the transformational power of yoga to others.

Ohana Yoga opened in Moncks Corner when Alex Bogart saw there were not that many wellness businesses that were accessible to Moncks Corner residents. We here at Ohana Yoga seek to bring yoga to everyBODY, all ages, and to make yoga accessible to all bodies. May you find peace and we look forward to meeting you on your mat soon.

Myth: Yoga is for the flexible.

Fact: Yoga helps to build flexibility but flexibility is not a prerequisite to practicing yoga.

Myth: Yoga is a religion.

Fact: Yoga can compliment any religious belief system. Yoga is about finding connection with mind, body, and spirit which compliments all religious practices.

Myth: Yoga is just “stretching” and not a real workout.

Fact: There are various styles of yoga to accommodate preferences. Some styles (gentle, yin, restorative) are more meditative whereas other styles (Power, Hot yoga, Strength classes, All Levels) will help strengthen your core muscle groups and make you sweat.

Myth: The harder the pose the better the yogi.

Fact: Being a seasoned yogi has nothing to do with being able to accomplish the most difficult poses. Yoga is all about finding the connection to the mind and body and being in the present moment. You can accomplish the difficult poses and still struggle with this mind-body connection which is crucial to practicing yoga.

Myth: I’m too ______ (old, overweight, inactive, inflexible, etc) to practice yoga.

Fact: Yoga is for all ages, genders, body types and here at Ohana Yoga we aim to make yoga accessible to you.

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